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Ask our government for action on a new drug plan

The Government of New Brunswick is considering a recommendation for a drug insurance plan that would help all residents with the high cost of medications.

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In December, the New Brunswick legislature received a recommendation for a new prescription drug plan to cover uninsured people in our province. The recommended plan would allow uninsured New Brunswickers affordable access to medications, especially when faced with a serious illness and potential high drug costs.

The province’s Health Benefits Committee developed the recommendation after much consultation with stakeholders in New Brunswick. They also reviewed drug programs across the country. The Committee agreed that the new plan should:

  • Be barrier-free - not require medical exams or waiting periods, even for people with pre-existing conditions, and have no maximum limit on the amount of financial assistance provided to a plan member
  • Include all medications listed on the province’s list of drugs approved for funding - regardless of cost, disease type or illness
  • Require a patient co-payment at the pharmacy that can never be more than $30 - no matter how expensive the prescribed drug is
  • Have a premium that everyone enrolled in the plan must pay, and offer a subsidy to those who can’t afford the premium
  • Be mandatory for all New Brunswickers who do not have a drug insurance plan.

The full report can be found on the Government of New Brunswick website. The provincial government is currently reviewing the recommendation for the new drug plan.

We are encouraging everyone concerned about the high cost of drugs in New Brunswick to support approval of the new plan.

As the government consults with the public on next year’s provincial budget, you can help make sure they know that New Brunswickers want to see the new drug plan implemented in 2013. This is a critical step to ensure the health of our families in the future.

Help make affordable drug coverage a reality.

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